Glenn Abastillas

  • Deutsch (demnächst)
  • Español (muy pronto)

Glenn Abastillas is an academically trained computational linguist and Master's candidate at Georgetown University. Passionate about languages and linguistics, he is currently conducting his Master's Thesis research investigating the relation between code switching frequency and geography in online communication in the Central Philippines within the Cebuano speech community.

From the Fall of 2013 to 2014, he worked on heritage language projects and test development in Spanish with the Center for Applied Linguistics. He also translates medical documents for the Social Security Administration and American military from German and Spanish to English. He is a native speaker of English and Cebuano; fluent in Spanish and German; proficient in Arabic, French, and Italian; and a beginner to intermediate speaker of Mandarin, Japanese, Otjiherero and Afrikaans.

As a National Language Service Corps (NLSC) member, he volunteers to put his language skills to use when needed by government organizations. He is engaged with language conversational groups (Spanish, German and Arabic) in Washington DC. Additionally, he is working on computational linguistic projects for his constructed languages, which he is currently developing and teaching to those willing to learn.


Cebuano/English Code-Switching (2014)
  • Research Master's Thesis - Geography and Code-Switching in Cebuano/English in Computer Mediated Communication.
  • 100,000 Word+ Tagged Cebuano Corpus
  • Code-switched Language POS Tagger (Cebuano/English).
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